22.01 2019

Hitchiking throughout Europe

Image Hitchiking throughout Europe

Hitchhiking is a form of travel. It consists of asking for a free ride, or for a cheap ride, from any car to take you to your destination, or around your destination. When you hitch a vehicle in Europe, you stretch your arm toward the road, with your thumb up, while closing your hand. You make this gesture when a vehicle passes by.

In some countries, the gesture may vary. Some people may display a sign with the name of their destination toward the passing vehicle. In fact, you hitchhike when you want to get to another place at no cost at all.

Why do people hitchhike? It is first because hitchhiking is cultural in Europe. In fact, people have hitchhiked before to get around the continent. You can therefore easily hitchhike and discover Europe.

Another reason why people choose to hitchhike throughout this fascinating continent is that they want to travel but they have a restricted budget. Discover some practical tips to help you get into this exciting adventure with the online travel agency eDreams.

How to hitchhike throughout Europe?

To successfully discover Europe through thumbing, here is what you should do:

  •  Plan your travel routes. It is important that you know where you are heading to. Otherwise, you will get lost. Take your time before you start your trip to carefully plan your itinerary. 
  • Use a map. To successfully plan your itinerary, you should use a road map with the names of major cities and landmarks. Some applications like Google Earth can be used for this purpose. Check out the names of the roads, as well as the major cities. 
  • Get more detailed directions. Include bus lines and tram lines in your itinerary to get in the right way. This information is also available on Google Earth or similar applications. 
  • Hitchhike with a friendly face. It is important to have a friendly face when you hitch a ride. You also have to bear in mind that no one will give a ride to a suspicious or unfriendly person. 
  • Get your free guideline. Hitchhikers from many cities in Europe and other countries, like Russia, Spain, German and other countries collaborate and share practical hints online. If you are new to this concept, you can visit hitchwiki.org, to successfully thumb a ride to your destination. 
  • Take precautions. It is important to think about your safety while hitchhiking. A few people have had a bad experience while hitching a ride in some countries. It is generally unsafe for females to venture alone. Therefore, it is recommended to hitchhike with a partner.

Plan your hitch throughout Europe

Hitchhiking is an easy way to get to your destination at no cost at all. Hitchhiking across Europe has become a trendy adventure to discover the continent and to make new friends on the way.

The best way to travel if you have a tight budget is to plan your itinerary. You can get some practical hints on the internet through hitchwiki.org, which offers a free guide for hitchhikers. The guide is available in 14 languages.

Then, ask for a lift to take you to your first stop. For further information, visit the eDreams website, which is an experienced online travel agency. eDreams belongs to ODIGEO, and it covers many countries and big cities in the world. It gives suggestions and pieces of advice concerning hitchhiking around Europe and in other countries.