01.02 2019

Carpooling to travel : a good idea ?

Image Carpooling to travel : a good idea ?

Carpooling is a type of traveling. Carpooling is the use of one common vehicle by two or more people who are traveling to the same destination, because they work in the same place, or go to the same school.

It can also be applicable to neighbors living in the same area who want to go shopping to the same marketplace, and therefore, they take the same vehicle to get to the shopping area.

Carpooling saves you from the trouble of having to wait long for a public transportation. Moreover, you won't have to stress out in the crowded bus or train every evening when you go back home from work or school.

Apart from that, carpooling can reduce your expenses in many ways. In short, the benefits of carpooling outweigh its shortcomings. Another promising advantage is that carpooling contributes to the protection of our environment. Let us explore the pros and cons of carpooling with eDreams.

Practical benefits of carpooling

  •  Less fuel consumption: When you carpool with other people in your neighborhood, you won't have to buy fuel for your car. In fact, you may agree to share fuel expenses with the other carpoolers. 
  • Save more money: Carpoolers may agree to share fuel expenses, or drive their own car on a turn-taking basis. By driving fewer times, you will be able to pocket more money. 
  • Lighter traffic: Having neighbors take the same vehicle to go to the same direction results in less traffic. The number of cars in the highway will be fewer. 
  • Less commute time: You will spend less time commuting if many people agree to carpool, because the fewer vehicles there are in the streets, the less traffic there is. 
  • Less air pollution: Carpooling reduces the amount of smoke released into the atmosphere, which will be beneficial to the environment. The fewer the vehicles, the less polluted the air is.

Shortcomings of carpooling

Carpooling has many advantages for the carpoolers and the environment. However, it has its shortcomings. Here are some disadvantages of carpooling. 

  • Restricted time: Carpooling is sharing a vehicle with other people. Therefore, you have to schedule your time to fit everybody's schedule. For example, you have to leave home too early, and get back home at a later time, even though you finish work earlier. 
  • Restricted route: If you want to go to somewhere after work or class, you may not be able to do so, or you will miss the car. If you carpool with other people, you will go to the same way, even though the final destinations may be different.

Carpooling to your destination

Is it possible to carpool to go on a holiday destination? This means people from different homes renting a car in order to visit the same spot? The online travel agency eDrems has an answer for you.

As an international travel agency, it has car rental agencies in several places around the world. It also offers practical recommendations for travelers. Go to the eDreams website and contact us for any information concerning the car rental and the services we offer. Happy traveling!