The best way to travel : road trips

The best way to travel : road trips

The car is an ideal way of travel for gourmand travelers: you can bring back local specialties (good olive oil, bottles of wine) without fear of crushing them in your suitcase. You can get off the beaten path and visit small farms in the countryside and you are free to vary your itinerary according to your desires and many more advantages of traveling using your own car.

Why travel by car

First of all, traveling with a car is cheaper. Air travel or cruises cost a lot, while with the car you determine the budget as you can afford. Are you going to be a camper or do you want to set up a tent on site? That is a very practical and economical way to enjoy yourself! In addition, the price of a travel insurance is so attractive that you'll want to travel the world on four wheels.

You will live total freedom. You choose the perfect time to leave and return depending on whether you prefer to drive by day or by night. You also stop when and where you want. Whether to admire the landscape, to make an improvised picnic or to stretch your legs: the decision is yours! What is more, traveling by car creates links.

There is nothing better than a real road trip to get to know each other, even people you think you are familiar with. Whatever the destination, the journey is always a real pleasure!

Essential accessories

There are some things that you should always make sure you have in your trunk or in the back: ­

  • The indispensable safety accessories that you are legally obliged to have with you: fluorescent jackets, safety triangle and the papers of the car. Inquire before departure: requirements may vary by country. ­
  • A list of telephone numbers to call in case of emergency, breakdown as well as the details of hotels / bed and breakfasts where you stay (if you have already booked them) ­
  • Something to wash your windshield (essential for your visibility) ­
  • Sunglasses, toilet paper (yes, it sounds funny but it's a must!) and paper towels, some plastic bags for your waste and your shoes full of mud / sand ­
  • A flashlight (you'll be happy to have it if you crash in the middle of nowhere), a road map (the GPS is not foolproof) ­
  • Fresh water and a small cooler, it's a good investment, some sandwiches, fruit and other things to nibble (you could find yourself stuck in a traffic jam); ­
  • A first aid kit with what can be used to calm a headache, indigestion or motion sickness. Sunscreen is also essential, as sunburns are common in sunny places that are perfect for holidays.

Where to go on road trip

There is no destination par excellence for a successful road trip. All over the world, the car is a universal means of transportation and can be used almost anywhere. In India, in the United States or in Europe, every place is ideal to make a road trip.

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